Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rain, Rain, Write Away!

Don't you just love rainy days? With nothing better to do than sit on the couch, peruse the internet, watch Netflix and order take out (make sure to tip the guy extra for driving in the rain.) No, work, no school, homework is done for the day... Now what?

Well, fellow fantasy fans, you are in for a treat since I have nothing really better to write about than more tidbits of my short story. I have been thinking over the last week or so as to what direction I could take this blog story in and have come up with a few neat ideas. Hope you enjoy!

(For previous part of the story, you will just have to look back through the index. Mwaha! You have to read more of my stammerings if you want more story!)

Chronicles of No One

The days and nights continue to bleed into one another and I am losing all sense of time itself. I have no sunlight in which to differentiate between morn and night. The meds come twice daily, but I have lost track of which is the day dose and which belongs to night. Both enhance my dreariness... And cause the wicked dreams.

I had another one the last time I slept. More blood. Everywhere. It covered my hands, clothes, face, the floor walls and ceiling too. I looked in horror about myself and began to shriek. As the scream crecsendoed and I began to shake, I awoke to find my entire body spasming. The nurses ran in to hold me down, then came a sharp pain in my neck which must have been a needle with some sort of tranquilizer as I slipped into unconsciousness, this time dreamless. 

If only they could put me out of my misery. 
Or at least keep me under with that miracle dreamless sleep drug.
I know not why I am here.

Empty walls. Empty floors. Empty ceiling. Everything empty.
Even the nurses have their faces completely covered so I can witness nothing but white clothed figures with masks and bonnets, all looking the same. 

My soul is empty as well. If even I have one left. 
If only I could remember who I was. Something. Anything. Any clue to who I am or what I did to end up here...

Pitiful Fool.

I think I am hearing voices now. Maybe it is the nurses mocking me behind my cell door. However, they have never spoken before...

You did this.
You did this to me...

"What? Who's there?"

Oh God! I'm scared. What is this?

(evil laughter follows the voice)

No One screams...

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