Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wtf Allergies??

"Today I don't feel like doing anything..."

Yeah, that just about sums up my Saturday. The last Saturday I have off before school starts back up again on Tuesday, and what do I do all day? Sleep. Yup, slept all damn day on the couch. So productive, right?

I assure that as lazy as we all know I am, it was not completely my fault that I didn't in fact "Get out of Bed." One word: Allergies.

Yes, the ever present and extensively annoying allergy attack. Where do they come from?  This is such b.s. that I have allergies now at 27 when I never had them growing up. They studiously came upon me several years ago and because I was unfamiliar with the symptoms, I of course felt like I was dying. My head very well had an ogre beating my brains out with a war-axe and tiny goblin minions were mining mucus like hunger driven work horses. I promise! I'm not lying!~ But, upon conversing with my fiance, he toppled me off my soap box and told me I was simply suffering from allergies and to take some meds. Allergies?? What? I have never had them in my life!! No way! "Yes, honey, people can develop them later in life. Welcome to my world."
Well, ain't that just peachy...

So, here I am, five years later and sitting indoors on a B.E.A.utiful Saturday sleeping it all away because the ogre came back with a viscous vengeance. I thought I was doing well too since I woke up at 9:30am which is waaaaay early for me since I have been on break from school. I thought to myself upon rising, "Hell yes! I'm going to get shit DONE today!" Then I sat up... and was attacked by evil minions from the dark side of the Force. Frak.

Thankfully, however, due to my sleeping much of the day, I do feel much better now and was able to rope in and harness the ogre and goblins for long enough to get my cardio in. Hey, I am getting married in two months, in Vegas, so I need to look damn good. And no matter how stubborn or adamant those damn  determined beasties can be, they will NOT get this lady down! Go Ninja Go!

Oh, did I mention I am also developing an increased allergy to the sun? But, more on Vampirism and it's effects on me later when it's gets closer to summer. I have proof, dammit.

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