Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Little Things...

Today is about the little pleasures in life. Most of us are so busy in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives that we forget what these little pleasures can afford us. We are a hurried nation; stressed to the point of breaking. Why is this? Well, our economy is in the shitter, unemployment is skyrocketing and now the government is taking away aid for a vast amount of people that are already out of work in our glorious U. S. of A., and the struggle to survive is becoming more and more intense for the average, middle class loser just trying to make it through the day without bill collectors hassling the phone lines.

How do we deal with all of this?

The answer is more simple than you may think, even if it doesn't solve all the bigger problems in life. The simple solution is to take a step back, center, and breathe in and out. Just remember that things could ALWAYS be a lot worse... (in fact it is for a lot of people in other parts of our quaint planet.)

Just Breathe.

Let go of all the problems for at least a little portion of the day. Save some time each day just for yourself. Do what ever makes you happy; think about whatever it is that makes you smile and hopeful. With the new year rolling in, a lot of people have New Years resolutions they are trying to fulfill, and may be struggling with even after only a couple weeks... *wink*
This little quiet time can be used to think of future goals you wish to accomplish for yourself. Lose that ten pounds of fluff, go for a walk, pick up a book you have always wanted to read but have not had the time. Taking just ten minutes a day to think for yourself, and only yourself, can mean all the difference in our sanity.

I like to spend my "Lollie" time in a variety of ways, but my favorite by far is tea time. Usually I start off my morning with Yoga or some cardio action outside (gotta get in shape for that wedding!) Afterwards, I soooo look forward to my little piece of heaven, an exquisitely refreshing cup of tea. Sometimes, especially in the case of my running excursion, my tea time is the motivator; a little reward to myself for a job well done in getting off my butt and doing something to better myself. My tea time is my meditation. It is a time of reflection and inspiration that affords me the strength to accomplish my goals, both tall and small.

So, my advice to you: stop what you are doing, take ten minutes, grab some Starbucks, and revel in the little things in life. And remember...

Just. Breathe.

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