Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pitiful Hooman. Yu belong to Me!

I would like to dedicate this Saturday to my most ferocious and feisty female of the feline fruition, Eiko!

Many of you know my wonderful cat and how awesome she indeed is. Yeah, she pretty much pwns as far as pets are concerned. She is loving, docile, inquisitive, insightful, playful, and loves to sleep. Rarely comes the time when she meets the air of discipline, as most of what she may do that is a 'no no' is so damn funny and cute that I could not imagine being mad at her.

Take today for example. She loves to drink water, especially when it is any other container other than her own water dish. Glasses left half full on the coffee table, the toilet if the seat is left up (in which I usually find her completely immersed since she fell in) and her personal favorite, the bath tub. She quite often spots the glass of water on the table, however, and immediately commences the consummation of the refreshing and nourishing liquid at her disposal as if to say, "Target acquired! Mine!" This is all well and fine in our household, since she is indeed Queen and Regent, but the predicament arises when the water level is not high enough for her to reach with her head and she proceeds to use her paw to tip the glass ever so slightly imagining that her efforts will allow her to access to the refreshment. Of course, being human that we are and most of us understanding some measure of the laws of physics and gravity, understand that once a glass is tipped does one of two things: tipped slightly and released the glass will fall back into it's normal resting position upon the surface it was previously rendered, or, tipped more than slightly and the glass will slow-mo topple onto it's side spilling in a glorious onrush the liquid it previously contained onto any and every surface in the immediate area including the table, carpet, book, and possible cell phone in the direct path of unfortunate destruction.

Eiko being Eiko, of course, thinks that the world responds to her rules and that tipping the glass with her foot will cause it to stay tilted so that she can drink the contents. As many times as she has done this and the rules in her mind have proven to be false, she never fails to continue to test the laws of the world in which she lives almost as if commanding said glass full of delicious water, "You will stay put..." like a Jedi. Alas, the Force is not as strong with her as she believes, hence the glass continues to fall over.

All the while, I sit idly by on the couch reading St. Augustine's Confessions (for homework, not interest I assure you) and am enthralled by her act, as let's face it, it is a hell of a lot more interesting and entertaining than anything I was doing for the previous hour.

Long story short, she can't reach the water in my cup, proceeds to stick her foot in it, knocks it over, and I laugh uncontrollably. *squeeegiggle*

Yeah, my cat is adoringly awesome. It's almost as if she perceives my plight on some type of cat/human boredom wavelength and attempts to make a funny to cheer me up by being mischievous. To prove my hypothesis, it can be stated that as I am now writing this blog post and quite immensely enjoying myself, she is sleeping soundly on the other end of the couch with a smug satisfactory thought of, "My work here is done. You are no longer bored. You're welcome hooman of mine."

I've said it before and shall say it again, it's the little things. :)

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