Tuesday, January 17, 2012

School Days (and some weekend catch-up)

Ok, this post will serve as a catch-up for the last couple days in which I was unable to immerse myself into the computer world for time enough to keep you all up to date on my world. Don't worry, the Lilliputians are all fine and dandy. Here's what they have been up to...

Sunday: Extreme hangover from extensive pillaging at the local bar with my personal Pirate Crew of Bewbs. We had a fantabulous time, I assure you! (Some of us even got lucky!) The first offical invasion of Molly's Pub was a great success ending with the Capt. apparently so intoxicated she could neither stand in her 4.5 in heels any longer or remember if she paid her tab (which she asked the lovely Kristen 6 times if she did and even text her the next morning.) She claimed I was "The cutest hot mess drunk she has ever seen!" I like to call that a win my friends!!
The remainder of the day was spent lounging on the couch with my own personal cabin servant, Roger, watching our favorite show, Supernatural, and mayhaps a little rumaging around in the proverbial "sack" to make sure we get our daily exercise in. *teehee* The day, all in all, was very much appreciated for its laziness.

Monday: Not much to say about this day except other than my normal routine of sleeping and eating and enjoying the little things in life, I also worked my first Monday night shift of the semester and it did prove to be quite profitable! I really do have the best job in the world right now. Much love to the Molly's crew!
Also, this was the birthday of one of the greatest men in history, Martin Luther King Jr. While I did not do anything special to commemorate this wonderful man, I did take some time to reflect on all he has done to make an influence on how our world works today. Some things he would be proud of, others, not so much. There is still a long road ahead down the path of ridding ignorance and hate from our minds. Of getting rid of the notion that "different" means "wrong." Every generation, every action, every thought, brings us either closer or farther away from the truth and how things should really be.
Here are a couple blog posts from some friends of mine regarding this holiday. Something to think about:



Thanks Bre and Brownlee!

Now, on to today, Tuesday: Today marked the first day of a brand new semester. Do you smell it? Smells like learning!! I love that smell! But then again, I am one of the biggest dorks I know, so of course I like school! However, as much as I enjoy it, I am ready to be done for a while. This semester marks the last year of my undergraduate career. Yes, in December of this year, I will have a Bachelors Degree in Arts specializing in Literature. Aren't I just made of win? What am I going to do with this degree? Teach? BAH! Kids get on my everlasting nerves, little snarky shits. No, I am hoping to write, and I guess it wouldn't hurt to actually be successful at it, yeah? Do I need a degree to walk down this path? No, not necessarily. I want it for my own benefit and personal accomplishment. So I can look at that pretty piece of paper on that wall and think to myself, "Yeah, I totally pwned that." Thinking in uber gamer terms, INT +500. Yeah, that awesome, I know.

In addition to my schooling, I am also working on my first novel. Unfortunately, major focus will not be given to it until I graduate because, well yeah, time and all. Have you ever tried to write a book? It's friggin hard and stuff. But, I anxiously welcome the challenge! Several notes, chapters, and character descriptions are already down on paper in several notebooks, in the Notes app on my phone, in my sketchbook, and of course, stored in my ever-working and imaginative brain. The next big step will be tying it all together. I figure locking myself in a hotel room for a couple months should do the trick. Achievement awaiting to be unlocked! Also, one of my writing exercises is writing, more often, everyday. Hence, the main purpose of this blog, to get me back in the habit of writing in my own writing style. Yes, I do write a LOT for school, but much of it is what the professor is looking for, i.e. Analytic Writing, which can get quite monotonous and boring after, say, three years of college. Ugh. So, I am trying to exercise my skills in my own voice; see how far I can take myself. How awesome can I make myself sound? How many different voices can I portray?Writing is much like any other skill. To reach perfection it must be worked and honed. Going for too long without doing it and my words will get fat and lazy. We can't have that now can we? No fluffy writing, kthxbai.

So, there is a nice little summary of the last couple days as well as some insight to my long term goals. What do you plan on doing for the rest of your life? If you haven't figured it out yet, no worries! It took me years and several major flip-flops to finally decide on my personal path. Get out there, experience things. If you have decided on your life path and in fact are living it, good for you, mate! But, don't forget stop and smell the roses. Life is full of, well, Life.
The answer to your own destiny may surprise you.

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