Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Title!

As some of you (all of you rather) may have noticed that I have changed the title and URL of my blog. The more I get into blogging, the more things will change and improve. I felt that the original title of "365 Days..." would get too monotonous after a while since the main focus of the title was to record something different I do everyday in my life. While my life is diverse and interestingly awesome, I have come to realize that such is not so much the case when I start school again. It becomes much of the same routine: Wake-up, Yoga, eat, nap, school (or work), eat again, homework, sleep. Trying to find 366 different things concerning my daily actions would have become quite boring I find. So!! Instead of driving away readers with the same old same old, I will spice things up with a twisted tale of fantasy in addition to awesome daily activities and findings that I come across. I am after all, striving to be a creative writer, so I will give you some insights as to how my brain works. Hence, the Lilliputians.

Many of you may be familiar with Jonathan Swift's epic tale Gulliver's Travels in which a man gets shipwrecked several times and goes on all kinds of crazy adventures with the most astounding people. Gulliver's first journey involves my favorite little people, the Lilliputians!

You ever hear of the people who are not so mentally sound that they hear "voices" in their heads? Well, I like to refer to mine as Lilliputians. That is not to say that I am not mentally sound myself, I just like to be a little fantastical with my everyday as otherwise it would seem quite boring and dull. We all need a little fantasy in our lives, otherwise the world would just plain suck. Everyone hears voices, whether or not we admit to it is a different story. At least mine are awesome, is all I can say. In an effort to commemorate these tiny voices that are responsible for my wild tales that are the inspiration for my work, this blog shall now be dedicated to them!

Here is an excerpt from a short story I am working on starting... Now!

 I think I am going out of my mind. I can't seem to focus on anything but the sharp pains that flog my temples and cause me to writhe on the floor uncontrollably. I have no idea how or when this started. All I know is the pain. 
I get flashes of memories from when I was a child, but no more. I cannot even remember my own name. It is as if the pain has taken bits and pieces of my life away from me, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. 
The meds help. Help me sleep rather. Otherwise I would surely die of exhaustion as the pain leads into insomnia. The sleep is not dreamless, however. Oh, if only it was. I get flashes of the most horrible things. Blood. 
It is all I see and all I can touch and smell when I am in my comatose dreams. I do not know if being awake is any better because then comes the pain. I try to write to calm my mind, but I find it difficult to write about anything other than my misfortune. 
Help me.
I fear the pain will consume what is left of me and I have no idea how I even ended up like this. Did something happen to me? Did I hurt someone to deserve this? Do I deserve this? I must since no one comes to visit me in this place. I have no friends or family that I can remember. My childhood flashes are more like glimpses of the world and what it must look like outside of this place. Rocks, trees, grass. I have no such luxuries any longer. I am caged, both inside and out. If only I could see the sun... maybe it would give me comfort to know that I am still alive and can be saved, for I fear that I am in hell and am suffering for something I did in my life, something horrible.
No memory.

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